BBI Innovation and Startup Cluster 1st Preparatory Meeting took place at Allianz Forum in Berlin

January 28, 2020 BBI Innovation and Startup Cluster 1st Preparatory Meeting took place at Allianz Forum in Berlin

BBI Advisory Board Co-President Mrs. Cansen Başaran Symes: “Achieving sustainable success of Turkish entrepreneurs and startups in Germany and elsewhere will ultimately lead to an increase of competitiveness of the Turkish business world in general.”

BBI Innovation and Startup Cluster is formed – on a voluntary basis – of Turkish business professionals/leaders who have various roles in Berlin startup ecosystem. The goal of the newly founded Cluster is to generate an interactive platform of knowledge exchange between Turkish entrepreneurs and professionals in Berlin, to debate relevant issues regarding innovation and startup ecosystem and to elaborate collaboration ideas between German and Turkish innovation and startup actors.

The Cluster is a part of TÜSIAD’s Berlin Bosphorus Initiative, as a mean to promote Turkish entrepreneurs/startups to its German counterparts. For this purpose, roundtable discussions are planned to be held several times throughout the year, with a keynote speaker on the topic at hand.

Potential stakeholders are startup ecosystem representatives in Berlin, Turkish – German entrepreneurs/startups, Embassy of Turkey in Berlin, BDI, German Accelerator, German Startups Association as well as BBI Advisory Board Members and TÜSIAD Germany Network.

The first preparatory meeting was organized on 28th January 2020 at Allianz Forum in Berlin, in collaboration with Mr. Fırat İşbecer, CEO Commencis and with the participation of the former TÜSIAD President Mrs. Cansen Başaran Symes, BBI Advisory Board Co-President, and Chairperson of the Board of Allianz Turkey.

Key takeaway from the meeting was the need for strengthening inspirational, connecting and educating pillars of the Turkish startup community in Berlin, which emerges as the next most significant hub for startups and attracts talent from all over the world including Turkey. Moreover, a solid network of acquaintances through formal and informal gatherings with the German counterparts should be initiated and supported.