Geopolitical Future of the Western world and Turkey

February 3, 2023 Geopolitical Future of the Western world and Turkey

Berlin Bosphorus Initiative organized a webinar entitled “Geopolitical Future of the Western world and Turkey” on 3rd of February. The event which was moderated bySoli Özel, Faculty Member in Kadir Has University, welcomed Prof. Charles Kupchan, Council on Foreign Relations Senior Fellow and Prof. Senem Aydın Düzgit, Faculty Member in Sabancı University. The debate tackled the future of transatlantic relations in light with recent geopolitical developments, Russia’s invasion to Ukraine and deep dive into the future of Europe in the global system.

You may find the latest article of the BBI “2022 | The World and Turkey in the Interregnum” Briefing Series “The United States and Turkey: From Estrangement to Partnership?” by Charles A. Kupchan Georgetown University and Council on Foreign Relations.


You may watch the webinar by clicking here or from the link below: